In our research we explore the cultural impact of today’s emerging technologies on our future everyday lives.

Everyday Futures

In reoccuring intervals we explore the cultural changes in our lives once today’s emerging technologies become tomorrow’s everyday reality.

Everyday Futures #1 - DATA DISCOUNTS

Exploring the potential social complexities of receiving discounts in exchange for our personal data - View

Research Projects

Through deeper research we explore specific topics further that we deem particularly relevant.

NYC Foresight

Creating a fictitious New York City department as research method to explore our sensitivities around the ‘digitization of public space’.


Autocomplete Futures

Exploring the rise of personal prediction models in our everyday lives.


Messy Realities

Investigating some of the messy realities of the 21st century connected city.


Talks & Workshops

Through workshops, talks and teaching we create experiences that challenge existing assumptions and open up new viewpoints.

10 Questions

A live experiment exploring some of the social dynamics that occur when our personal data become openly accessible.


Urban Fictions Class & Workshop

Exploring the future impacts of the increasing access to our data by utilizing the participant's own personal data trails.



Through hands-on experimentation we rethink traditional notions of how we interact with technology.

Sensing the Shining

Exploring new ways of visualizing the emotional reaction to movies, exemplified with Stanley Kubrick’s classic ‘The Shining’.