Selected Projects

We work with global brands, research institutions and start-ups to explore future product applications for today’s emerging technologies.

Selected Work

Connected Objects

The Urban Canaries

A pollution sensor whose own health is dependent on its exposure to clean air.


Data Services


Capturing, mapping and visualizing the available cell phone reception in the entire New York City subway.


Data Tools / Installation

On Broadway

A new type of city view to represent digital life in the 21st century city.


Data Tools


A visual investigation of self-portrait (selfie) styles in five cities across the world.


Talk / Experiment

Data Futures!?

A live experiment exploring some of the social dynamics that occur when our personal data become openly accessible.


Experiment in progress

Sensing the Shining

Exploring new ways of visualizing the emotional reaction to movies, exemplified with Stanley Kubrick’s classic ‘The Shining’.


Connected Objects


A connected, wearable camera triggered by the happiness of its wearer.


Connected Objects

The Sprochs

A range of interactive deliverers of special messages that need care and attention in order to deliver their message.



Based on our understanding of today’s emerging technologies and cultural trends, we work with global brands, research institutions and start-ups to explore future applications for their technologies.

Data Products


Transforming the increased sensing abilities of Audi’s future cars into new product and service applications.

Data Products

BBVA Innovation Center

Transforming BBVA’s credit card data into new data-driven services that facilitate better urban decision-making.

Innovation Methods

Telefonica Digital

Creating new ‘data thinking’ methods to enable a more humanly-minded understanding of big data.